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Arabia Travel

The long journey is about to start, and I woke up after dreaming that I had left behind some books I had to take with me, it felt so real that It took me a while to realize that I haven’t even started to travel.

Final touches and morning routine, a good swim and breakfast to follow, charging energy with the sun, and exercise for all that is to come.

I managed to close all of the zips of my luggage in time, to be ready, for the driver to come. We pick up my colleague in Playa, next stop will be the Cancún airport.

The rest of the group arrives and we head up to the gates. Destination Frankfurt.

The fact that the first language in the plane is German sets the ground for what is to come, we will be the foreigners this time. A comfortable flight with as many hours of sleep as we could, serrano ham, and Ribera wine to reinforce the German appreciation for Spain’s taste.

Is morning and we land in Frankfurt Am Main, is just a stopover for us, so our flavor of Germany is limited to refreshing ourselves in the lounge and getting some clean air, it was not cold at all, we change terminal and run for the next leg.

We shift companies there, Saudia awaits to take us to final destination, although not as once. An interesting mix conforms the passage on the flight, people with India as final destination, a good amount of Europeans, Arabic people and our heterogeneous gang, one of those that sounds like a joke.

I surf documentaries here and there, from design to travel, there are no paper magazines anymore on these flights, my favourite ones, online is fine, but not the same. Paper has something, without it, the touch is missing, the smell is not there.

Jeddah is our port of entry to Saudi Arabia, my first time, as I answered to the police lady at passport entry, who was extremely welcoming and nice with us. Is incredible to think how a two minutes conversation can set such a ground, how someone can transmit so much only with eyes and words.

The balance shifted right now, very few western clothing and thawbs and kuffiyyas everywhere, ladies in black and a feast of parfumerie all over the place, definitely what’s catching me the most.

Still more legs to go, moving closer to our destination, discovering many things, and finalising reports, learning from falconry and prehistorical findings, we are excited to be there but It’s hard now to even know in which day do we live.


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