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Beach Nights

There is something about being in the beach at night, something magical. There is a soundtrack played by waves, or repeating sounds that are never the same, of sounds that transmit energy, that bring winds from afar, a constant melody that calms you down that puts you to sleep if you like, there is the cold of the sand, the gentle touch of all those grains below your feet, there is you grounding there, sinking and moving, playing with gravity to not fall sideways, your fight to walk straight with the invisible forces that shake you around your path, there is the sky dome, with no limits, no boundaries, just endless as it should be, with the blinking stars that draw constellations that remind you where you are, that remind you who we are, there is wind in you face, shaking your hair and kissing your lips, there is the taste of humidity, the taste of salt, the taste of life, and there is you and there is time, time to enjoy, time to be, time to feel.


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