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Car Wash

You stop your car, wheel in the channel, and make sure every window is closed. A simple sequence to get you inside the auto car wash. For whatever reason, I’ve always been fascinated by these machines. About the kind of concert, the water and brushes play on the skin of the car. Is like a moment where time stops, you can’t do anything other than listen and contemplate the storm, how water washes out the dust, and takes away the layers that don’t belong. Is like heavy rains, that give you that peace, that they take away what’s superfluous, and you must do nothing, just observe, and get ready for the calm that comes after. Is just a car wash, I know, but since I couldn’t even drive, I’ve always liked to be inside the car, I’ve always liked strong storms, for the experience, the music, the cleanse, to see things clearer afterward.


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