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I love etymology because I am amazed about learning the origin of words and expressions, and how those meanings were forged back in the day in a different language and came to us today through centuries of evolution.

I wanted to talk about inspiration, and just when I was about to throw some thoughts out there I realized that in many Roman languages as Spanish, inhale and inspiration are the same words, and it does make all the sense in the world, because inspiration is about igniting your inner creativity by something, by someone you are observing, so you are eventually “sucking” that something out there into your body, you are breathing those sources of inspiration, and they allow you to breathe, to create.

Inspiration, as they say, can come from anywhere, and generally from the most unexpected sources, of course, there have been famous muses for the big painters and artists in the past, but then is nature, that wise world that surrounds us. Things like the Velcro tape discovery were inspired by plants and nature, our planes follow the design of the bird’s wings, and so on. People inspire other people to do things, to thrive in life, and to challenge themselves, top sportsmen become points of reference for young generations, and political leaders or even CEOs have inspired with their unique speeches whoever was to follow.

Sometimes is not an overnight exercise, sometimes you are a sponge that keeps collecting inspirational doses even if you don’t realize they were, and one day, at the right time, a situation or opportunity squeezes you and all those doses will come to life and will make perfect sense. Never underestimate the power of observing, because if we are wise enough, we will learn from almost everything, and feeling inspired is a great place to be.


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