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Invisible Links

Sometimes I ask myself what I think is stronger to bring up memories, music, or smell. They both are travelers in time, and they both work without their eyes.

A melody, a song, or a vibe can just spark not just a feeling or a mood, but put you in a place, in a moment in time, in that sky trip with your friends or the summer dancing on the coast, or maybe in front of that love letter when listening to more than words. Nowadays and for a while now I use classical music to bring the tempo down of what I’m seeing, I used to do it in Central Park while riding my bike, and I used to do it in London when surfing the city in a black cab, what you see slows down, is like a documentary, with the high volume everything else in the real world is silent, you just see more things than usual, you are more present. If you have never done, I highly recommend bumping up some classical music on your headphones or speakers while cycling or driving, but be careful! Don’t relax too much.

The power of smell is somehow different though, who hasn’t turned their head in the street after smelling a perfume that reminded of someone to see if is there? who doesn’t love the smell of wet grass, of the ocean breeze, if we had a box of those and closed our eyes we will travel straight to those places, we will picture those people because they are registered in our brain palette as if we were an oenologist that keeps track of all wine tastes.

But we identify what we know, what we have lived, and what we have been exposed to, is up to us to grow that catalog inside our bodies, when we listen to something or smell a flower, a fragrance, a material, or whatever we link those with what we see or where we are, and their invisible power will take us back repeatedly.


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