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I recently bought a lavender plant together with other aromatic ones for my balcony, unfortunately, the lavender didn’t survive, I guess they are very delicate, and the heat down here was not their best partner.

When I think about lavender, I remember that Christmas gift while in London, of an eye band that I gave to my aunt, she was not sleeping well so I thought this was the right one.


But I also remember when I learned, by preparing some visualizations for a rooftop terrace and exploring suitable plants that there are both British and French lavender types. And of course, this makes me think of those famous images of the endless lavender fields in France, imagine the fragrance down there.


But also takes me to Chicago times where my friend stayed with me for a while and used to spray almost a bottle every night and the home became a spa or maybe a shop of l’Occitaine, and I remember the endless laughs about the excess of the dose one day after the other.

Lavender certainly has the power to calm you down, to take you to sleep, the purple is about cleansed, calm, and relaxation under the color theories. Is endless the number of scent bags and soaps you can find, they also say help to minimize the will of the mosquitoes to bite you, who knows if that works. But I will have another try on my gardening skills, I’ll be more careful this time.


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