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Likes and dislikes

There was a time not that long ago, that when someone would offer you a surprise present, a gift, you had normally two options, to like it or to dislike it. And that was basically it, maybe if you were in the second scenario, your gift would end up in a closet or a box and never see the light, maybe it was transferred to your sister or your cousin, or in the worst scenario it ended up being gifted to someone else by you. But not all were bad experiences, because maybe that person that offered you the gift, knew you very well, knew your taste or out of luck did click with something you really wanted to have, own and enjoy. It was that time that you went to the shop, with no ticket, to try to exchange for something else, because no shop would give you the money back, so you were locked into finding something for whatever value it was, or left the shop with a voucher, sometimes with an expiry date and that you will very likely forget that you ever had.

Nowadays, there is an essential and magic trick, the “gift ticket”, and no one would purchase anything at this point in history without asking for one, helps you with wrong sizes, bad choices, and placeholder gifts, anything, is there for you and for whomever you are gifting to. So, I ask myself, how many wrong gifts have been given to people all these years to push the industry into the need to create the “gift ticket”?!? Have we lost maybe the empathy with the people we gift to? or is it simply consumerism convenience? Whatever the reason might be, what is certain, is that a victory is to achieve with your gift that the ‘magic’ ticket, will never be used.


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