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Where I come from, you will build your fence before finishing your home, and in the countryside, you can find an extensive catalog of walls and gates, made of rubble stone, wood, concrete, and anything you can imagine, and sometimes, the house inside won’t even have been fully painted or still have exposed bricks. People prioritize creating these boundaries with their neighbors all the time, which reflects the importance of land ownership, of property.

In life, we also create boundaries, at every level, whether in work, friendship, or in our relationships with our partners. Not about land ownership this time, but defining the rules of the game, to respect our needs and those of others. And always healthy boundaries are a must, not too rigid, not too porous. Because if you imagine someone that builds a wall with no gate, that person would probably end up locked for good in there and no one could also ever get in. Or if the wall had a thousand holes, there won’t be much difference between the inside and outside so it would become pointless.

We should always make the effort to speak up and understand what the counterpart needs, and what we need, we should be open about it and build the appropriate wall because sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve forgotten the door, but by being open to listening, someone would just simply remind us of it so we can do better.


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