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Virtual Talks

Social networks came into our life theoretically to get us closer, to facilitate reaching out to others, and to interact more easily. There is no need to say, that virtual talks have negatively impacted real-world interaction, we keep seeing couples or families typing on their phones while sitting together, instead of talking, or humans hiding behind screens with words instead of looking you in the eyes to say what they feel, what they want. But today, my note is not just about only that. Today my note is to reflect on something else, about the fact that we have allowed technologies to make us ruder, less human, and I’m saying this because when in real conversations we just don’t finish them. When in real life someone leaves you with the word in the mouth without saying I hear you, thank you, or have a good night let’s chat tomorrow. We are so used to the channel being always open that we oversee the basic communication skills about opening a discussion and closing it. It would be great to humanize back the virtual tools because tools must work for us, not us for them.


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