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When the knives cut

Sometimes you have one of those knives that is just a dumb steel blade, and no matter which side you grab, it will simply never cut, but split if you are lucky. You might even lie to yourself, thinking It’s just not your day, or is the wrong angle, or even the piece’s fault you are trying to cut, but over and over that knife is just not doing its job at all.

So, I’ve been there, as I believe many of us, and one day, one of those that there is serious cutting ahead, I went to the shop and bought a couple of nice knives, sharp and sleek. And sharp they were because I managed to cut my fingers twice while hypnotized by the joy of seeing the new knives in action.

But at the end of the day, they were just doing what they had to do, what they were meant to be doing, and doing it well, they were just true to their essence, performing at their best. And that is the stage where things click, and that should be the stage where we should all be in this world, true to our nature, our inner voice, and individual gifts, giving and facilitating everyone else’s life, supporting them with our work and actions.

Because when the knives cut, the puzzle of life starts to make sense.


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