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Work-life Balance

This common phrase for me is simply a bad start, if not the worst. It polarizes your existence into a time to work and a time to live, it secludes and tags work as something that impedes you from living the life you want. As something that vanishes everything else in your life. But our life is just one, and although you can make the most of it, is certainly framed in time, at least here and now as we know it. I want to believe that there is a chance to find the work to match and click with your essence, with who you are, and with what you can offer to the world, and life is about the essence, about being true and honest to yourself, about sharing what you have to give, and then we can name it to work, friendship, hobbies or love, but is a cocktail of your existence. A mix that crafts who you are, where sometimes you get paid for it, and sometimes you simply give. And I believe this is what we should be aiming for, to excel in our essence, twenty-four hours a day, not looking for a work-life balance, but embracing instead the different moments in our day towards a great life balance


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