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I'm eager to work with you, to professionally share my words and my vision, to support your projects, and become your storyteller partner, we can walk alongside and share this infinite curiosity about the world. 

Travel Articles and Blogging

We all love to travel, but I also like to observe, photograph, and share what I experience in an immersive way. Through my writings, I can take you to places, and support your Travel Media business. 


Art and Architecture Articles

My extended professional experience in the field and my active role allowed me to create a critical point of view of those fields that I would be happy to share on demand.


Art and Architecture Narratives

By looking into inspiring sources with my eye, I can support your projects, with solid and creative statements, to uplift your works, open paths, and provide leads that complement your design and creativity.


Book Openings, Statements, and more

The first thing to tell a story is to be able to listen, my creativity is mixed with a rational approach to synthesize things, for summarizing the needs. I can support your efforts to start something, to share a message.


Books, Collections and more

This webpage is only a selection of all my existing and current works, some of them belonging to a series of projects, that could be bound and published if the right publishing partner comes to play. 

Let’s Work Together

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