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Central Park

I had the most breathtaking ride in Central Park, did the full loop, just about time for the sunset, listening to beautiful classical music pieces at full volume, the scenery around was like a slow-motion documentary, with tons of information filtered by the eyes and the wind when downhill, is amazing how you miss things when you go just fast and not focused, I think I saw more things in this ride that in my four years in manhattan, minutes away from the park. 


I saw volunteers picking plastic from the ground, martial arts trainers and couples in the sunset, I saw Mexican-friendly wrestling families and older New Yorkers having a posh glass of wine, I saw raccoons and fireflies, trees that nicely show the giant buildings in a delicate way,


All is set up in an orchestrated way, the top of the park with the amazing slopes blend with the shallow and busy paths at the south, and when your mind is cluttered with thoughts this can be your best medicine.


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