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I wish I had a picture to show what I experienced yesterday, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera, and my partner lost one. So I will try with words this time.

It had been a year since I haven’t dive and I was a bit anxious about remembering the basics. Everything went great and in a moment I was smoothly going down to the deep while releasing the air on my jacket, to be ready to fly. Suddenly the pace of your breath brings you down to the moment and trillion colored fish start to show up in your eyes, for a moment you simply belong, you are part of one of those Jacques Cousteau documentaries I so much loved.

We started to direct ourselves to the Palancar reef formations, 60ft depth and cathedral-like formations show up right and left, amazing arches where you have to pass under, coves which happen to be plazas, dressed walls in coral types and fishes with all the colors in the rainbow.


There are huge pink corals looking like melted salad bowls that nest small fish, there are orange colonies of tiny towers with holes in the top where another fish will come out to say hi. The dive is certainly not looking from above, but to literally dive in, exploring those spaces, marching in that city, because that is real architecture, a perfect balance between matter and void. There are bubbles and your breath. Things go slow there, although you need to check on time and air, there is not really time, there is just you in the middle of that beauty, moving slowly, being surprised at every corner.


I haven’t been to many diving places yet, but this is so far the most amazing one, where you understand that formations have a meaning and a reason, where you understand that everything is intertwined, where you simply are.


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