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Project Narrative

Wind and water have shaped this landscape with the passage of time, creating the sandy valleys and crafting the rocky canyons. A never-ending effort that keeps the place active and alive, that conforms the ecosystem that holds life.

Our architectural forms are born from that understanding of the time and the wind, they are skins that carefully dress our experience in the place, our experience of the place. These skins transmit movement and adjust over time, they are a bridge that connects our experience to the physical environment.

This project is based on ancestry, nature, and art, in the wisdom of the earth where it sits and the communities that are part of it.

The hotel and the museum become an indivisible duality, where the workshops create a link with the community heritage and their future opportunities, where collaboration and mutual synergies are the only tools to explore.

A home to attract and host artists sharing the same vision and impact of contemporary art, on communities and ecology, the meaningfulness of a hotel connected to nature and art that offers an experience like never seen before.


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