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Los Fantasmitas

It happens that we spoke the other day about the reflectors in the road, and it happens that in México they are called fantasmitas, and that is the most hilarious thing, how can you call something with such a cute word, tiny goshts!. It’s because they appear and disappear because they glow in the dark, is maybe true that they look like the Pac-Man gosht with their trapezoidal shapes? But the fact is that in México the words describe, but not just physically but In a figurative way, and beyond. I really believe that the Spanish Castilian is behind on this. We just name them on what they do, not on what they look like and it’s also nice to do that. I love to embrace words and where they come from, and why things are the way they are. I feel very fortunate for being part of this learning, of this exploration. Opens your mind, and surprises you in every corner. Thank you méxico, thank you world.


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