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The definition of the undefined

Words have power, words can be swords that slice everything or boosts that lift the world and the minds, sometimes we use them in a calculated way, and sometimes we go with no filter.


Sometimes you read something over and over a phrase that you were told and is like a movie that you revisit on and on, but every time you discover different levels on it, a different meaning to it.

When someone tells you “I need space” is definitely not the same that if they tell you “I need a space”. The latter is an undefined article that ends up defining a specific space, a framed time, is a pause a time to rethink and feel if things were on the right track, a time to heal and reorder what was damaged, but the former is an infinite pause, a change of direction, a big farewell with no room for reconnecting, a straight forward goodbye.


A simple article can change everything, your expectations, and your dreams, but you read it once, and twice and then you understand the meaning, you understand that you have to simply let go and don’t wait for anything else.


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