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There was a time

That a couple fell in love, so deeply that they couldn’t even believe it, that they created a bubble for themselves that they called home, where time went slow and only the way they were looking at each other would flood them with peace and joy.

There was a time when a couple was not aware of their own attachment patterns, where they believed that things should go well just per se.

There was a time where there were misunderstandings and interpretations and labelling of things under the reactions and not the root of things. Without seeing beyond the surface, without understanding the counter part.

There was a time when things happened over again, where space came to place, and forced silences took over. Where anxiety knocked the door and retreat seemed like the only one option to escape.

There was a time when the antidote came to the surface, out of nowhere, to put things in perspective, to answer all the unanswered questions. To make him understand. To explain why the spaces and the runaways, why the silences and the disconnect, why the needs for explanations and the fears to be left.

There was a time when the biggest of the challenges came to play, how to share such a gift with whoever you love the most without passing those imposed limits, without suffocating her so she would not need to pull away.

There was a time when they chose to communicate, to openly express what was going on with them, where they understood they were slaves of the past, where they asked for understanding and support.

There was a time where they decided to support each other, to ease things out for the other, to bet for the better, to trust themselves on the journey, to never let the past drive, to listen to love and explore together.


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