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Time has passed

There was you and there was me

We didn't know, we didn't talk

Our lives were separate and our journeys different

We saw one day, we knew about the other's existence

We spoke, and we shared questions and thoughts

Thoughts turned into feelings and the will to know more

There was space in our love box for each other to fill

And there was a bubble, our bubble

Where we were queen and king, where we were creating our world

There were I love you and mi amor, like never before

There was a will to settle, to be connected at every time

There were missing yous and the joy of being partners

There were secrets but not the good ones

There were jealous and nails that started to damage our bubble

There were silences and tiredness

There were misunderstandings and unheard signs

There were bad decisions and hurting words

There were apologies and vows of reconciliation

There was distance and pressure

There was sadness, discomfort, and frustration

There was a storm, natural and forced

There was a plan to rebuild from the good things

There was a choice to let things die

There was an ultimatum of unilateral infinite distance

There was no will to rebuild but to move on

There was pain

There was difficulty to understand why we wouldn’t fight

There was an incredible void, a total loss

There was indifference and terrible surprises

There was darkness

There were lessons learned

There were things to learn

There was a rebirth and there was a transformation

There was a new life without each other


There are feelings and

There is hope


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