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When you see a truck pulling a truck that was pulling a car

We all have those days, the ones you wake up on the wrong foot, the ones when it would be better you go back to bed and start over again. When your squeezer breaks before the last orange for your juice, when the milk splashes all over your kitchen, or that stain lands in your clean shirt before you get out of the door, maybe even you had a bad idea to read your emails just after waking up and found that unwanted request, that sticks with you until you reach the office. You might even feel that the world is conspiring against you, or that an army of witches is throwing spells over your existence, and don’t get me wrong. it might well be! But for a good part, things come down to how we see them because we can’t control all that happens, but we can control how we react to it, how we process and overcome it. We must put things in perspective first.

I had such days, as probably everyone, I was driving with a colleague, and our bad days found the perfect storm in that ride, we boiled our brains up, and manage to fall into our little world because our challenges were the most important of all.

But the world was planning something else, and suddenly in an innocent look to the left, we saw a broken-down car that was up on a crane, which was at the same time broken down and being pulled by another crane, just one of those random life lessons that surprise you, here and there out of the blue. Because if someone had a bad day it was that car driver and not us.


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